is the source for single line fonts for use with CNC machining, engraving, scrapbooking, and many other creative endeavors.. A single line font is a typeface that uses one line to define the shape of each letter, or glyph. Conventional fonts utilize two lines, an inner and outer pair of lines, that define the shape and thickness of the letterforms. One line fonts have no defined thickness, only a single line path for a pen, laser, or milling tool to follow for efficient & clean looking text.

   Great care and effort is put into each typeface to ensure a perfect balance of quality appearance and efficient utilization. We also want to be sure that you have the glyph (symbol, letter, character) that you need. A reflection of that is the extensive number of glyphs included with our single stroke fonts. Each "One Line Font" file includes nearly 400 glyphs to ensure that you have the letter, punctuation, symbol, accent (diacritics), number, ligature, or letterform that you need for most Roman based languages. Two of our typefaces (Computer & License Plate) are offered in a "basic" font file size that includes a little more than 100 commonly used glyphs for English users. Be sure to view the sample images that show the glyphs included to ensure the font/s purchased include the glyphs you need. If you ever need additional letters or symbols for another language or need, please let us know. The Conventional Fonts contain the "Full" 400 glyphs and are provided as TTF and OTF (Open Type) font formats.


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Chinese Single Line Font


Each font/s you purchase will include 4 TTF font files:
1. Universal- The universal font format has curved single line shapes designed to have minimal lifts, but your machine will likely trace the path twice. This format should work with most programs.
2. SP- The 'SP' format will contain (SP) in the name, for straight path, is more specialized and is designed to trace the path only once. The SP format does require that curves be made up of lines, and thus far has been confirmed to be effective in Camworks® and SolidCam.
3. OC- The 'OC' format for open curve uses bezier curves & traces only once. It requires that the software provider make a simple adjustment to ensure that the 'OC' font files are rendered correctly. Enroute 6, FeatureCAM 2014, Make the Cut, Rhinoceros®, Solid Edge ST9®, SolidWorks 2014, Visualmill®, Text Sketcher®, WoodWOP2014, Hundegger, & Impact currently have a "single line font" feature that will correctly draw this font format.
4. OPF- The .opf (open path) font extension is recognized only by Make The Cut® to have a clean single line font with curved lines that only trace once.

Sample Font- If you would like to test the font formats in your particular software to confirm compatibility, click this to download a test font that only contains the letters A,B,C,D,a,b,c,d.

Discounts- We offer a tiered discounting system, explained on the discounts page, but in short you will save a minimum of 10% off the purchase of multiple items, whether it be the same or different item.

   We are always developing new stick fonts, so check this site regularly for updates, friend our page on facebook, or join our mailing list to be aware of new releases & receive special discounts.

   We are currently determining what programs these fonts work effectively in and will expand the list as each software package is confirmed. The CNC fonts may appear in word processing and other graphic programs, but their specific use is to set the path for a tool or pen to follow for machining, laser cutting, scrapbooking, crafts, or drawing. Any other use may not have the desired results of standard typefaces.

  List of confirmed programs:
  FeatureCAM 2014- contact me if you have an earlier version
  Homag/WoodWOP* 2014 and newer
  Make The Cut
  SolidWorks* 2014 and newer
  Text Sketcher* (for use in Catia)
  Enroute* 6 and newer
  Solid Edge* ST9 and newer
  VisualMill & VisualCAD
  Dr. Engrave
* Software provider has license to provide it's clients with font files.

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